Blurred photos and hazy memories – NYE in Valparaiso

High up on a hill, up steep staircases daubed with art, past hidden doorways and wooden-shuttered windows, around the corner and up again, you’ll find a large square lit with buttery lamp light and dotted with palm trees. Down from the square, over the shadows of the higgledy-piggledy streets beneath, the inky Pacific ocean stretches… Continue reading Blurred photos and hazy memories – NYE in Valparaiso

First Impressions of Bogotá

I admit that when I woke up yesterday morning, I was feeling as beige as the endless procession of food I’d consumed since leaving London. Whether it was a combination of the altitude, jetlag or the surprisingly cold weather, I wasn’t as excited as I usually am to be in a new city. However, now coming up on… Continue reading First Impressions of Bogotá