Superficial Scenes in Canggu

I’m writing out of order. We’re skipping Thailand, Australia and a night in Singapore that I probably won’t blog about anyway because I spent the majority of it in a windowless room about the size of a toilet cubicle. We’re leapfrogging over my flirtation with snowboarding in France, and how I now come complete with… Continue reading Superficial Scenes in Canggu

A Cambodian Horror Story: Phnom Penh’s Killing Fields and S-21

It’s been a long time since I was last here. After my last post, I made it as far as Australia and then I went back home to England in deepest darkest December where I felt totally and utterly deserted by the sun. After Christmas, I went to France and I broke my wrist on… Continue reading A Cambodian Horror Story: Phnom Penh’s Killing Fields and S-21

An Ancient Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Cambodia. Over the last two weeks since I returned, I’ve been procrastinating over how to capture my week there in writing. I thought one blog post would cover it, but trying to commit everything to a page is highlighting the diversity between the ancient beauty of Siem Reap and the still-raw history of Phnom Penh.… Continue reading An Ancient Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Girl + Scooter vs. Mountain

It’s often said that it’s more about the journey than it is about the destination. Never has this been more true than with my weekend in Pai – a small town nestled on the banks of a gentle river in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Pai is around ninety miles from Chiangmai. Route 1095 twists… Continue reading Girl + Scooter vs. Mountain

Under the Sea in Tioman

I have barely any pictures of my time on Tioman Island. The sea was turquoise and the creamy sand beaches swept along it, perfectly smooth and dotted with shells and sun bleached coral fragments. The low waves didn’t so much break on the shore as nudge it tenderly. The Jurassic Park jungle rose dramatically from… Continue reading Under the Sea in Tioman

Wonder in Nusa Penida

Holy places are everywhere in Bali. From a small roadside stone shrine tucked between a mini-mart and a laundry service to a meditation space clinging to the side of a sea-pummelled cliff, the spiritual is ever present. Whilst I’ve always tended to err on the side of observer rather than participant when it comes to… Continue reading Wonder in Nusa Penida