Girl + Scooter vs. Mountain

It’s often said that it’s more about the journey than it is about the destination. Never has this been more true than with my weekend in Pai – a small town nestled on the banks of a gentle river in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Pai is around ninety miles from Chiangmai. Route 1095 twists… Continue reading Girl + Scooter vs. Mountain

Going along for the ride: Punta del Diablo

And so onto my second totally unexpected but completely unforgettable experience of Uruguay: Punta del Diablo and its wild-beach strewn national park. I’ve learned that it’s best viewed from atop a horse, at dusk, after swigging red wine from the bottle and ignoring all nagging fears for your own safety. Before I reached there, I… Continue reading Going along for the ride: Punta del Diablo