Trekking the Annapurnas: Overcoming altitude sickness in Manang

This time last week I was on top of the world. At 5,416m, I had just achieved what I dramatically – at times – thought that I would die trying to do. I sipped the world’s most expensive cup of tea, had a worry about about the changeable weather and insisted we leave as quickly… Continue reading Trekking the Annapurnas: Overcoming altitude sickness in Manang

Girl + Scooter vs. Mountain

It’s often said that it’s more about the journey than it is about the destination. Never has this been more true than with my weekend in Pai – a small town nestled on the banks of a gentle river in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Pai is around ninety miles from Chiangmai. Route 1095 twists… Continue reading Girl + Scooter vs. Mountain

Wonder in Nusa Penida

Holy places are everywhere in Bali. From a small roadside stone shrine tucked between a mini-mart and a laundry service to a meditation space clinging to the side of a sea-pummelled cliff, the spiritual is ever present. Whilst I’ve always tended to err on the side of observer rather than participant when it comes to… Continue reading Wonder in Nusa Penida