Evidence of the Earthquake in Kathmandu

The first thing you’ll notice about Kathmandu is the dust. Walking around the city, everyone – tourists and locals alike – walks with masks stretched across their faces. Horses, motorbikes and cars trundle past, leaving gritty clouds in their wake. Spend any longer than an hour walking around, and you’ll begin to feel the dirt… Continue reading Evidence of the Earthquake in Kathmandu

Sugar, Spice and All Things Nice in Udaipur

Being British, Indian food holds a special place in my heart. In April last year, when I first got home after seven months in South America, my first wish (apart from a hot bath) was to be taken to the local curry house for a welcome home feast. That’s why, on planning my trip to… Continue reading Sugar, Spice and All Things Nice in Udaipur

Superficial Scenes in Canggu

I’m writing out of order. We’re skipping Thailand, Australia and a night in Singapore that I probably won’t blog about anyway because I spent the majority of it in a windowless room about the size of a toilet cubicle. We’re leapfrogging over my flirtation with snowboarding in France, and how I now come complete with… Continue reading Superficial Scenes in Canggu

An Ancient Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Cambodia. Over the last two weeks since I returned, I’ve been procrastinating over how to capture my week there in writing. I thought one blog post would cover it, but trying to commit everything to a page is highlighting the diversity between the ancient beauty of Siem Reap and the still-raw history of Phnom Penh.… Continue reading An Ancient Sunrise at Angkor Wat

First Impressions of Bogotá

I admit that when I woke up yesterday morning, I was feeling as beige as the endless procession of food I’d consumed since leaving London. Whether it was a combination of the altitude, jetlag or the surprisingly cold weather, I wasn’t as excited as I usually am to be in a new city. However, now coming up on… Continue reading First Impressions of Bogotá